Monday, May 18, 2015

Another way to tour Coldwater Spring

By Jordan Wein

In these days of smart phones and apps, a QR scanner is free and easy to download. You use it like one of those price scanners in a grocery store. Turn it on and hover your phone’s camera over the code and it automatically takes you to the associated picture, document, video, etc that is found somewhere online.

We thought a QR code would be a great way to help visitors easily access current information about Coldwater Spring restoration efforts, wildlife sightings, what’s in bloom, and where to find these things. New visitors can show up and scan the code and get a guide they can take with them and highlight the most beautiful things. At the same time, recurring visitors will be alerted to things that have popped up since their last tour.  It may also give park patrons interesting reasons to deviate from their normal routes to see Coldwater Spring from a different angle. 

The kiosk in the parking lot has a QR code that can help
you access the latest information about Coldwater Spring.
Inside the kiosk is the QR code that takes you to Biotechs Weekly,
a regular publication that points out new things at Coldwater Spring.
Whether it is your first time at Coldwater Spring or you are a frequent visitor, try using the QR code to enhance your experience. You can find the posted code in the kiosk in the parking lot at Coldwater Spring. While you are at the location referenced on the posted map, you can learn something quick about the featured plant or animal and become more familiar with your park. 

It’s simple:
1: Download the QR scanner app on your smartphone.
2:  Launch the app.
3:  Hover the camera over the QR code in the Coldwater Spring kiosk until you (typically) hear a beep.
4:  Finally, swipe through the pictures/slides and match them up with their location using the map in the document.
5:  Tell your friends!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Artists' Eye at Coldwater Spring

Coldwater art courtesy of G.W. Anderson
By Kate Havelin
Birds are singing, ephemerals are blooming, and the air smells like spring. This season makes it so easy to see nature’s beauty.

This Saturday morning at Coldwater Spring, you can see even more art in the park. Minneapolis artists G.W. Anderson and Elizabeth Hupperich will be at Coldwater doing plein-air paintings, paintings made in nature, not in a studio. You can see the artists and talk to the artists as they paint. Gerry uses oil paints; Betty prefers egg tempera.
Coldwater art courtesy of Elizabeth Hupperich
We’ll have an art scavenger hunt and fun for all. So come take a walk in the park, and see nature through the eyes of artists. All welcome to this free art adventure, no registration needed.

Artists' Eye at Coldwater Spring
Saturday May 9
10 AM – Noon
Coldwater Spring
5601 Minnehaha Park Drive South
Coldwater Spring is located between Minnehaha Falls Regional Park and Fort Snelling State Park Google map Coldwater Spring
Coldwater art courtesy of G. W. Anderson